Spot Repair Class Tool List June 2010

Spot Repair Marc
Adams School of Woodworking Tool List ev. mite

The following materials will give you a fully stocked furniture spot repair kit. The spot repair materials can be purchased directly from or you can order these items from local Mohawk dealers that are listed on the website.

Please bring the following Mohawk 1112 teri As to class:

Mixing Guide Color wheel M115-3050
Red sable graining brush 127-4 M901-1274
Six 2 oz Poly squeeze bottle M983-1002
1/2 Dint empty Paint Can M985-2004
Electric Burn in Knife EK24 M900-EK24FC
Heat Control Unit M900-H800
Oven Electric and M900-KPAO
Straight Rigid Knives (2) M900-7500
Painter’s green masking tape M910-2001
Rubber sanding block M902-3000
Cork sanding Block M902-2000
Pro Mark Markers
• Pro-Mark Marker Pine
• Pro-mark Marker Black
• Pro-mark Marker Cherry
• Pro-Mark Ex dark Walnut
• Pro-Mark Mahogany
• Pro-Mark Oak Light
• Pro-Mark mahogany Red Brown
• Pro-Mark Oak natural light
E-Z Flow Burn in Sticks set of 30 M316-3000
Plane Stick Burn in Stick Med. Wal. M350-0205
Burn in Balm M401-1203 4 oz.
Wool Lube liquid M720-1365 pint
Blendall Powder Stains Kit 12 M881-0001
Blendall Powder stain Orange M370-2381
Fil-Stik 24 Pack Furniture Store Asst M230-2400
Epoxy putty stick Oak Lt Wal. M743-1530
Epoxy putty stick cherry M743-1550
Wil Pro padding finish M405-2006 quart
Graining Liquid M403-004 4 oz.
Perfect blend aerosol Satin (35-40 sheen) M102-0740
Perfect Blend aerosol Flat (10-13 sheen) M102-0710
Perfect Blend aerosol Gloss (80 sheen) M102-0710

Hardware store material you will need for spot repair but you don’t have to bring if you are flying:

  • V&PM Naphtha
  • Low odor Mineral Spirits
  • Quart of Bond* with hardener.

Other supplks to bring that can be purchased from art supply storm, hardware stores, and woodworking supply store&

  • Small plastic six well palette
  • Small palette knife
  • Two small sheets approximately 2″ x 5″ of 1/16″ plexiglass
  • Small pump spray water bottle
  • 400 & 600 grit wet dry sandpaper
  • One package of 0000 steel wool hardware store variety
  • One package of 0000 Liberon steel wool. (Available at Rockier or Woodcraft)
  • Stanley style utility knife
  • Pocket knife
  • Small box or roll of Scott Rags in a box (white towels)
  • Small shot glass (portable palette)
  • Rubbermaid 44cup Servin Saver Container or small 4 oz glass jar with lid to store padding material

Questions? Contact Tim Puro at