Rosewood Steinway Piano case

I recently refurbished the case of an early 1900′s Steinway A grand piano with rosewood veneer in the shop of American Piano Factory here in Bloomington. The Steinway is beautiful, but it had been in the home of a smoker and was covered with years of cigarette smoke and it had some missing chips of veneer where you usually find them in older pianos.

DSCN3185 DSCN3178

We spent several days cleaning the case of the piano with a mineral spirits/detergent/water emulsion cleaner to remove all the smoke and grime.  After cleaning we patched chips in the rosewood veneer and worked to make the finish scratches less noticeable.  Then the entire piano case was French polished with shellac and rubbed with fine steel wool to make the piano look presentable again. The piano does not look showroom new, but it now looks like a used but cared for instrument.

front-view-true-color front-left-true-color-A

closed-front-t.color-A best-fallboard-true-A