Resource list of Finishing Materials May 2012

Marc Adams School of Wood Working
Finishing Products Resource List

Mohawk Products: Can be purchased on line at The website also lists retail dealers of the Mohawk products as well. Be aware that some Mohawk dealers do not stock the entire Mohawk line so do your research online before you walk into a store. They may have to order materials for you. There is an $80 minimum order from the Mohawk website and you may pay more from the website than buying from a dealer’s retail store or a dealer’s website. One dealer that has no minimum order is

Behlen Products: Available at Woodcraft, Rockler and other wood working supply stores. Since Behlen is owned by the same parent company as Mohawk (RPM), you can sometimes find equivalent products with different names. For example, if you like the Mohawk Ultra Penetrating Stain (Dye), the Behlen Solarlux Stain (Dye) is the same stuff.

Transtints dyes: Available at Rockler, Woodcraft, Highland Hardware Atlanta online and

Artist Color TransTint Dye
Burnt Umber Brown Mahogany
Raw Sienna Golden Brown
Burnt Sienna Reddish Brown
Raw Umber Dark Mission Brown
Yellow Ochre Honey Amber

Mixols – Pigment in glycol ether that will allow you to color oil and water based stains, shellac, oil based varnishes and water based finishes.

Old Masters Stains: Their Full Bodied Wiping Stain is a pigmented stain that also is a good oil based glaze. They also sell a grain filler. Old Masters products are carried by many paint stores and some hardware stores. Check out list of dealers at

Old Masters Colors Artist Colors
Cherry Burnt Sienna
Cedar Burnt Umber
Puritan Pine Raw Sienna
Provincial Van Dyke Brown
Dark Walnut Raw Amber

Arti water dyes: Highland Hardware Atlanta online

Shellac: Shellac flakes can be purchased at or Homestead also carries 5 lb cut shellac concentrates as well. Olde Mill Cabinet Shop is also a good shellac source. You can dissolve shellac flakes in Behlen’s Behkol or 180 proof grain alcohol from the liquor store (Everclear).

Brushes: Homestead Finishing sells the larger 1 ½” Golden Taklon brushes used for waterbased finishes and shellac. Try the Lovia Athena Series 7100 1 ½”) A Taklon with a rounded tip works well in corners and on turnings. A Robert Simmons Sapphire or Sienna wash brush a good choice in a 1” – 11/2” size. Smaller Golden Taklon brushes can be purchased at art supply stores like Michaels. Look for Michael’s American Painter brand. Good “starter” taklon brushes are available from Walmart in the art supply area.

Good varnish brushes are available from Homestead Finishing, Highland Hardware Atlanta, and badger “style” brushes at woodworking stores like Rockler and Woodcraft. Other good brushes are ox flow brushes and brushes made by Grammercy Tools.

Shellac Padding Materials: Cover materials for a pad can be ordered from Mohawk Finishing as Trace Cloth. A small box is a lifetime supply. One of the best materials for the interior pad is a bit of a wool sock or sweater. Old sweaters are available at Goodwill.

Waterlox Varnishes: Learn more at The website also has a list of dealers. Waterlox is generally sold at woodworking stores and higher end paint stores. Make sure you buy a can of Bloxygen to keep the varnish from curing in the can.

Bloxygen: Spray into a can of varnish or oil based product to keep it from curing in the can. Buy at Woodcraft, Rockler, Highland Hardware. You can also use nitrogen sold in wine stores as “wine preserver” to keep open wine bottles from oxidizing.

Liberon Steel 0000 Steel Wool: This stuff feels like silk. Great for rubbing out a finish.. Available at Rockler, Highland Hardware and any place that sells Liberon products.

Asphaltum/Tar Glaze Base: Buy a gallon of unfibered roofing tar or Gilsonite from Sherwin Williams and mix 2 teaspoons of tar with a cup of mineral spirits. Label the jar “Secret Artist’s Glaze” and don’t tell anyone what is in the container.

One Drop Bottles: US Plastics. Look for Nalgene drop dispenser bottles. Potassium Dichromate & Van Dyke’s Crystals: You can buy these chemicals at Olde Mill Cabinet shop’s online store. Olde Mill is also a great source for hide glue, milk paint, shellac, etc.

3M PPS System (Paint Preparation System) disposable spray gun cups: Purchase from Rockler, spray gun retailers, body shops paint supply stores.

Spray Finishing: Good HVLP guns to look at include:

  • Sata
  • CA Technologies
  • Kremlin
  • Binks
  • Turbines – Graco, Fuji, Earlex.

Online Stores & Resources:

Olde Mill Cabinet Shop A great resource for potassium dichromate, Van Dyke’s crystals, hide glue, milk paint, 4F pumice, and shellac.

Mohawk Finishing A full line of professional finishing products and furniture touch up products. Place small Mohawk orders at

Homestead Finishing Spray guns, shellac, taklon and badger hair brushes. Transtints and Mixols.

Highland Hardware Atlanta GA Tools, shellac, 4F pumice hide glue, Arti dyes, Behlen finishing products, Liberon Finishing Products.

Finisher’s Depot A full line of professional finishing products and touch up supplies.

Rockler Tools, Behlen Finishing products, shellac, 4F pumice, Liberon steel wool, Bloxygen.

Woodcraft Tools, Behlen Finishing products, Waterlox (some stores), shellac, Bloxygen, Mixols.

Spray Gun Solutions: Gun cleaning kits for your spray gun.

Van Dyke’s Restorers Replacement hardware, touch up supplies.

Mitch Kohanek’s website:

Tim Puro’s website:


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A good source to purchase used books is as well as