MASW Refinishing Class

Last week Pete and I taught a furniture refinishing and repair class at the Marc Adams School of Woodworking in Franklin, Indiana.  It was five days of intense work where 16 students transformed old furniture in various states of disrepair into pieces that are attractive and useful again.

One of the projects was this late 19th century wash stand that had spent some time in a wet basement and one of the sides of the cabinet had rotted away.

Plummer-Chest-b4 Roger-Plummer-chest-side-view-480x640

Roger was asked by his next door neighbor to repair this piece and make it usable again.  Here’s what he did.  First, he cut away all the rotted wood on the side and patched in new wood.


Then he painted the new wood with a dirty yellow white enamel and then built up a layer of glazes over the enamel to recreate the look of the original finish.  The final glaze was a coat of asphaltum  to give the new work some age.  Take a look!


A great first effort in furniture restoration.  If Roger lived closer to our shop we would put him to work!

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