Grandma’s Trunk Rescued from Barn

We got a call from a client asking us if we would come out and look at Grandma’s trunk .It was sitting in the corner of a barn and was much abused. Could we restore it? I told the man we did restorations but maybe what was called for in this case a resurrection!


We cleaned the trunk and sealed the wood with shellac. Then we polished the trunk’s metal hardware to remove most of the rust.  Some rust was left on the hinges and metal corners to make the trunk look “used but cared for”.  The canvas cover was replaced where it was missing and we glued down the old canvas where we could save it.  After all the repairs were made, we lined the inside of the trunk with paper and then painted the canvas a dark hunter green similar to the original color.  Then the entire trunk got a coat of varnish similar to the varnish the trunk would have received from time to time.

Here is the finished project.  The client was pleased with our restor-rection work.

Trunk-After-Front-view Trunk-After-side-view