Gallery of Work


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French desk with missing veneer and a damaged leather top. Veneer was repaired and replaced then the whole desk was cleaned and French polished. Leather top reconditioned to make it presentable.


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Dog chewed leg needed new cherry patched on and shaped to original contour. The new work was colored to match the existing finish. Dog gets to sleep in the house again!


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70+ year old child’s Schoenhut piano that was damaged in a move. We used as much original material as possible to repair this piano and make it playable for the grandchildren.


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A teenager broke this 1930’s mahogany desk chair by constantly leaning back in the chair. We recreated the missing carving elements and repaired the chair so it can be used again by his mother.


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The skate on this rocker was the only thing the dog ever chewed. We erased the damage with an epoxy fill and faux finishing over the repairs.

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