Gallery of Work


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Nail polish remover dissolved the finish on this nightstand. The damaged area was repaired on-site and ready to use within an hour.


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A fondue pot damaged this table top, imprinting the tablecloth fabric into the finish. The table was repaired on-site in an afternoon.


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This chair was deemed “unrepairable” by other shops. Client asked me to see what I could do. We recaned the seat and colored the new cane to match the old color and repaired the unrepairable arm.


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This buffet had sticky drawers, missing drawer pulls and a damaged finish. We cast new drawer pulls, made all the drawers work and put on a new finish that shows off the spectacular veneer.


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1930’s lamp table that had been used as a plant stand. Old finish was stripped, veneers were repaired and a new piano gloss finish applied. Client pleased!

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