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Ten Thousand Springs Pavilion – Peter Brockman and Tim Puro were selected to be a part of a team that assembled a hand carved scale model of a Chinese pavilion at the Headley Whitney Museum in Lexington Kentucky. The Ten Thousand Springs Pavilion is a Smithsonian traveling exhibition and a crew of local artisans are recruited to assemble the exhibit. The model took almost three days to assemble and it depends on a clever joinery system to hold the model together. See post on the departure of the exhibit:


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This 1840’s Swiss/German sewing box had missing and loose veneer. The veneer was repaired and the case was cleaned using conservation methods.


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The veneer on the top of this 1840’s table was chipped and was removed when the piece was refinished years ago. Monroe Furniture Restoration reveneered the top with figured mahogany and French polished the table.


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This 1870’s ladies writing desk needed some repairs and a good cleaning to remove 100+ years of soot, dust, dirt and furniture polish. 20+ hours of cleaning revealed gold in the incised carving and a contrasting walnut and ebonized finish.


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A Golden Retriever puppy sharpened his teeth on this Black Forest carving of a fox. The fox, along with three other carvings, were repaired and restored on-site in an afternoon.

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