Gallery of Work

Anderson rocker b4 1 thumb Anderson rocker b4 arm detail 2 thumb Anderson rocker restored 3 thumb

Hunsinger Rocker – This late 19th century “the Lollipop rocker” was made by George Hunsinger and is highly collectible. We disassembled and repaired the chair to make it sturdy again and then worked with a local upholsterer to have a new seat installed. The chair, bought at an auction over 50 years ago, is quite collectible today.


Deco Cabinet b4 1 thumb Deco Cabinet restored 2 thumb

Art Deco display cabinet – This English Art Deco display cabinet from the 1930’s was very dirty and had loose and missing veneer. We cleaned the cabinet, patched the veneer and applied a shellac French Polish to revive the existing finish.


Dog damaged arm b4 1 thumb Dog damaged arm repair in process 2 thumb Dog damaged arm restored 3 thumb

18th Century Rocker repair – A dog with expensive taste chewed on the arm of a late 18th century rocker. We coated the damaged area with hide glue and then used two part epoxy putty to make up for the lost material. The epoxy was sanded smooth and then faux finished using shellac and dry artist’s pigments.


Shaker chair b4 1 thumb Shaker chair repair in process 2 thumb Shaker Chair restored 3 thumb

Shaker Rocker repair – This reproduction Shaker rocker was cut down into a chair but the legs were WAY too short. We added new turned cherry stubs to the bottom of the existing legs and raised the chair to the correct seating height. Then we faux finished the new wood to blend with the old making a useable chair from a piece headed to the burn pile.


Kleindorfer desk b4 1 thumb Kleindorfer desk in process 2 thumb Kleindorfer desk restored 3 thumb

Kleindorfer’s Desk – This early 1900’s spool cabinet and desk was from Kleindorfer’s General Store here in Bloomington. We cleaned the casework and rebuilt the desk lid and added leatherette material to the top. The desk received a light shellac polish to achieve a used but cared for presentation.

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