Floor Scratch repair

The real estate agent called. She said there was a scratch on the floor of the great room of a house she just sold and the new homeowner was not happy. Can we repair the scratch? Here’s what we did.

Bloomington Floor Scratch repair (before)
Bloomington, IN Floor Scratch repair (during)
Bloomington, Indiana Floor Scratch repair (after)

We lightly sanded the edges of the scratch and then added some color to the rough edges. Then the scratch was filled with a pigmented, heat activated filler and then the filler was leveled. After applying several coats of a fast drying, water based polyurethane, we mixed dry artist’s pigments with the poly and faux finished the filler to make the scratch unnoticeable. After the color match, the repair was clear coated with more fast drying polyurethane.

We can often repair floor scratches to make the damaged area look better, or sometimes, even make the damage almost disappear. Interested? Call us!