Dog Damaged Dresser Repaired

I received a call regarding an almost new dresser that was damaged by Lucky, a Jack Russell terrier. It seems his ball rolled under the dresser and he scratched at the base in an effort to retrieve it. The little dog was indeed lucky that his owner did not relocate him to the garage!


Dresser before


The dresser was repaired on-site in one afternoon.  Lucky the dog was hiding under the bed, but the family cat seemed interested in my work.


The areas of loss were filled with two part epoxy putty. The putty was smoothed with a plastic caul and soapy water.


Two Part Epoxy putty fills

After the epoxy cured, the base was sanded smooth and additional fill was added to small voids in the repair.


Once the damaged area was smoothed, it was colored with a low odor, fast drying polyurethane mixed with dry artist pigments.  This semi opaque paint was applied with a small artist’s brush in three separate layers of color to imitate the existing finish of the dresser. A clear satin polyurethane topcoat was added to seal in the repaired area.


Dresser after fills and the faux finishing process

While no repair is invisible, this repair is unnoticeable. It was good enough to please the owner AND good enough to get Lucky the terrier in his owner’s good graces again.