Counter top Refinish

Pete and I were busy over IU’s spring break, refinishing a white oak counter top on a reception desk.  The newly refinished top had to match the existing woodwork as closely as possible. Here is the finished top.


The other part of the job was to install a patch over an unused mail slot.


Mail slot before


Mail slot patched


Mail slot after refinishing top

Pete did an excellent job using a router and a sharp chisel to make a perfectly square opening to install the white oak patch.  When we sanded off the old finish we sanded the patch smooth.  The top was dyed a weak yellow/brown color and then finished with a tough water based urethane finish.  The wood Pete selected for the patch blends in well with the counter top. A few faux grain lines were drawn across the new wood to make the patch less noticeable and that was our goal. We promised to make anunnoticeable repair, not an invisible repair.