100 yr Old “Before” Pics

Recently we repaired a mahogany dining chair for local potter Barb Lund.  The chair is part of a set of dining chairs that have been in her family for generations. According to family lore, the chairs were purchased Barb’s great grandfather Alexander Delmar in France in the 1880′s.

The chair needed to be disassembled, repaired and reglued.  There was veneer missing from the sides and the seat needed to be recovered.  Barb did not want the chairs refinished, but she wanted the chipped veneer repaired so the chair would be presentable again.  Here are pictures of the repaired chair at Barb’s house and in our shop.

IMG_3269-711x1024   DSCN2955-768x1024

I wanted to feature this chair repair on the blog but I did not take adequate pictures of the chair before we started the repair process.  However, a week or so after I delivered the chair, Barb sent me two wonderful “before” pictures.

The first picture was taken in 1897 in the family house in London. The ghost image is that of Barb’s grandfather William DelMar. He was 17 years old at the time.


1897 Ghost Image of William DelMar

The second image is a picture of William DelMar’s house in Greenwich CT where Barb’s mother grew up.


1920′s Dining Room Greenwich Ct

The table is long gone but the chairs have survived. As a caretaker of these chairs, Barb decided to make them structurally sound and usable again in hopes the next generation will adopt and care for these pieces of family history.

Thanks Barb for sharing your pictures and for giving me permission to tell your story.